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I have deep roots here in Boston.  My great-grandparents arrived here from Italy in the 1910s and my grandparents were a fixture of the West End community. My parents met here while in school. While my father’s work unfortunately took us away from Boston - I loved every moment visiting the city. I relished every occasion to explore the rich history and unique cultural experiences.


So of course I leapt at the opportunity to move here in 2007. Taking up a challenge from a friend, I made it a mission to visit every restaurant and bar in Boston – resulting in a passion for food and classic cocktails. My experiences led me to guide a pizza tour of the North End for 5 years, specializing in everything from pizza to pints to pizzelles (one of my grandmother’s favorite treats).


And now I have turned my attention to dessert. With a history background and culinary curiosity, I can’t wait to share some of my favorite drinks and desserts of the North End with you! 


Please join us for Cocktails & Cannoli



I’ve lived in London and NYC but am very happy to be back in my hometown of Boston.

Travel has always been an important part of my life - I love digging into the history of a place as well as its architecture, food and culture.

The Boston’s North End has been a favorite spot for me since I was a little girl – you’ll find some of the best food and drink here in the city, plus some of the most interesting (and sometimes unbelievable – but true) stories and characters that make Boston truly one of a kind!

Please join us for Cocktails & Cannoli

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